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  • Products are collected in the store and brought to the pickup station.
  • The filler enters orders for the machine by using the UI unit or by using a barcode reader.
  • The filler fills the lockers.
  • The system sends an SMS with the order number and info to the customer.
  • The customer collects their purchase from the pickup station using the received number.
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Adaptable solutions

  • Independent pick-up points can be located at public transport hubs or along busy traffic routes where they are easy to reach. This way shopping can be done for example on the way home from work.

    The customer can choose the pick-up point and time when making their order and paying in advance. Pick-up points can be open 24/7 as they don’t need to be staffed.

    When retrieving, the customer only needs the retrieval code they receive via SMS.

    Pick-up points
  • Drive-in stations are an excellent solution for people shopping for a family. The length of a single shopping trip can be reduced from an hour to minutes.

    The order is placed in advance and can be picked up without the customer even getting out of their car. All they have to do is arrive at the time they have chosen, announce their arrival by giving the order number, and the pre-paid purchases are brought to their car by the staff.

    Drive-in stations

Basic setup


  • Touch screen terminal for customer
  • Integrated GSM-unit for sending automated SMS-messages to customer
  • 2-year warranty
  • Pre-configured and tested by Core Factory
  • Can be shipped pre-installed to cabinet


  • Customer terminal –software
  • Filling and administrator -views
  • Includes ZeeCloud-connection for optional remote support


Krispi temperature monitoring cloud

Krispi temperature monitoring cloud

Collects and reports temperature data for HACCP, and more.

Customer support cloud

Customer support cloud

The cloud based service provides quick access to orders and analytics. Enables controlling the unit remotely and more.

Mobile fulfillment software

Mobile fulfillment software

Enables quicker order fulfillment process from a mobile device, such as a tablet.

Door access keypad and interface

Door access keypad and interface

For locations with a door that needs to be opened by the customer with order number or similar. The solution also supports RFID-cards for staff. The keypad unit (Vanderbilt VR40S) has 1 year warranty.

About us

We are a team of seventeen professional from various fields, ready to tackle what ever comes our way.

ZeeVending is developed by Core Factory Ltd, an agile smart solution manufacturer from Finland. We believe our customers are the experts on their needs and no vendor lock-in problem should occur to them. Therefore our Rebel IoT-architecture supports devices regardless of brand, model or connection method making it work seamlessly with other IoT devices without restrictions. Our solutions are future proof and help grow your business, save money as well as energy, and automate tasks in a smart way.

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